Another Child Foundation is excited to be kicking off a brand new program for our supporters to be involved. PUT YOUR FAITH INTO ACTION AS A GUARDIAN ANGEL.

As a passionate Guardian Angel you can create a life-changing experience for ‘another child’ by being an advocate for the child sponsorship program you believe so much in. Through the conversations you have with friends and family you can create an incredible impact!

As a  Guardian Angel you will grow in your faith, compassion, and stewardship as you actively pursue justice and walk in obedience for God.

Generous people LIKE YOU have been changing lives and handing out smiles to children for 10 years! NOW is your chance to hand out those smiles like candy on Easter! You see, a child, left alone, can’t fix himself. But you can, if you choose to become a GA for a child.

GA= Guardian Angel. We’re only missing one thing…YOU! With your help we can end the child abandonment and neglect that haunts the gypsy community God has called you to help. This is ‘over the moon’ EXCITING…isn’t it?

The resources that the Point of Hope Development Center provides to the mothers, who feel they have no options, is VITAL for keeping these families together as God desires. Now is your chance to help these mothers have an answer to the most basic instinct they have…to love and provide for their children. As a “charter member” of the Guardian Angel program you will be joining forces with others who have a desire to help provide love and care for a child like Alex. Ultimately, you are bringing the opportunity for families to stay together and for other child sponsors to feel the exhilaration of being part of God’s plan to heal the world!

“Another Child Foundations Guardian Angels are called to be the voice of the vulnerable children God has entrusted to our care.” – Tim Oloffson ACF Director

To be a part of this Guardian Angel program all you have to do is enjoy being an advocate for children, be a current child sponsor of a child ACF supports, and send us an email to You can learn more about our CHILD SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM by Clicking HERE!

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