Another Child Foundation (ACF) is pleased to announce that Buckner Romania has hired a new staff member. So let me introduce you to Lucian (Luci) Marginean. Luci will start on April 1.

He is 31 years old and single. He finished college and his hobby is music. He loves to drive and travel.  But he is passionate about music and to serve in church by helping with the worship band.  Right now he helps a church in a nearby city called Sighisoara. He loves serving the youth in this church. He also enjoys to organize camps, day camps, and conferences for youth. Finally, he enjoys being around his friends and to make new friends.

Luci’s primary responsibility is to develop a ministry which reaches out to the poorest families in Mures County. Mures County is where the cities of Targu-Mures and Tarnaveni are located. With the support of Red Page Ministries out of Lubbock, Texas we are excited to see where this ministry leads. The goal is to start with 20 families who need this type of support the most. Eventually, Luci will be reaching out to 80 families on a monthly basis.

The primary focus of this new program is to help the most needy families in the area. To give them and hand up and not a hand out. The distribution of groceries along with the sharing of the gospel is where the ministry will start. ACF is excited to see where God will lead this program. So keep Luci in your prayers as he starts this long road of bringing some of the most basic and most needed items to these families.

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