Sometimes saying good-bye at the end of a highly emotional mission trip can be very hard. Today we have the final post of the July 5 mission team that hosted 50 children at a beautiful mountain resort. For 6 days these people poured their souls into developing relationships with these children. The focus of this team was to take the faith of these children to the next level. Challenge them to trust, depend and to look to God for guidance, grace and mercy. Belwo is the final reflection from our trip leader Dawn Cook.

Today was a day of good byes. We all tried to prepare ourselves so we could hold it together today bit it didn’t work! You wouldn’t think a person could fall in love with a kid in just 5 days, but oh how easy that was to fall in love with many! And the staff and volunteers! Crazy how quickly we fell for them too! The team wishes them the best in their future endeavors. We know they’ll go far, far, far! Such amazing young leaders in training! We all have a lot of new friends now that we can keep in touch with on social media. So it’s not really good bye! It took awhile to get the kids and their things loaded on the bus this morning. It looked like they were ready to pull away when the bus doors opened one last time and a slew of boys piled out and ran into Tricia’ s arms. All were in tears! What a moment. What a display of God’s goodness. So we don’t say good bye. We know we will be back. We say good bye, see you later!

If you would like to be part of an experience this this you can simply CLICK HERE to learn more about the mission trip experiences that ACF provides to people like you and the children who are blessed through this work!

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