We are almost to our goal! Can you help put us over the top?

On a clear, cold winter night in Romania, a mother goes to put her children to bed. Once again she has the challenge of keeping each of her six children warm and healthy. She has a tremendous responsibility that I can’t personally even imagine or relate to. You see, the reason this is such a challenge is that this mother has only one bed and one couch for herself and six children. Tonight she will have to make a choice of who sleeps on the floor of their cold and drafty one room apartment. It was Alex who was chosen to sleep on the floor tonight. Alex is in for a long cold night.

Today you can help that mother keep her children warmer for only $10! We are looking for generous people like you to support a mother like this by donating a sleeping bag for a child like Alex.

A comfortable and warm sleeping bag for Alex is like a dream come true! The benefits of Alex sleeping in a cuddly warm environment is much better for him than sharing a blanket with his siblings who I am sure keep tugging at a small blanket to keep warm each night.

Can you help today?  For just $10 you can provide  Alex a BRAND NEW sleeping bag that will change the way he sleeps for years to come. With the help of some generous donors, your support will be DOUBLED! For each sleeping bag you donate another will be added to the shipment. WOW! That is a GREAT DEAL!


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